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1120 Burlingame Avenue #101

Burlingame Ca, 94010

Our Story

Our Products-    Our California made self-care items are made with love in small batches, with attention to ingredient sourcing and packaging. We source organic, sustainable and regenerative, carbon neutral ingredients as often as they are available. Born from the desire to simplify, rooted in sustainability we align our self-care with the world around us. We believe that self-care is holistic, it is as much about hair treatments as it is about the light and smells in the spaces we inhabit. We chose to create items that we felt everyone can use and appreciate. Items that we didn't have on our shelves in the salon and items that we felt were missing from the marketplace. All of our products are packaged in infinitely recyclable packaging. 

Our Brick and Mortar-  Alice Lorraine Holistic Haircare is our flagship salon located in Burlingame California. There we offer our Holistic Haircare services in our clean air, subterranean oasis. We are a green circle certified salon, which means every item used is responsibly recycled, that means hair, extra color, bottles, gloves and foils, even our PPE gets recycled. We are equipped our space with 4 air sanitizers, including UV  and use disinfectants that function without harming ourselves or the environment. We use Oway and Original & Mineral hair color exclusively. We retail Mane Matter haircare products and Tempus Ortus, a self-care line in addition to Oway. We were so very fortunate to land this first space, it's private, discreet, downtown location.

Our Founder-  Alice Lorraine Salon is named after one of my grandmothers. Although I was heavily influenced by my Mother and Grandmothers, having been brought up by such strong, graceful, intelligent women, who questioned before doing, I just gravitated towards finding a way to make things for myself.  My grandmother always said "better to be overdressed than underdressed" and my Mom always said "wear what makes you feel comfortable". So I fall somewhere between those two. All of my female elders encouraged the arts, but the basic skills of gardening, cooking, sewing and swimming filled free time. I loved making mud pies, but when I wanted to start following fashion at the age of 7, everybody was on board. My healthy obsession with old movies started very young and fueled my day dreams. Somewhere in between the playing in the dirt, the crafting and the leisure time with the arts my brand was born, it just took 37 years and a pandemic to give me the time and space to make it real. I have for years dabbled in making all these items for myself, but never made the time to craft them for you. I want my self-care line (Tempus Ortus) to be used by everyone and anyone who wants to take time out to care for themselves. It was important for me to uphold a high standard of ingredients and packaging. We vote with our dollar everyday and I only source ethically and as local as possible, which again being blessed to be California born and raised makes that part easy.  My salon space(s soon) is meant to be a reprieve for your mane, a chill, organic, private, safe space for you to treat your crown with whatever service makes you feel more like you. The Mane Matter line came from a need to have safer, high performance luxury haircare products that didn't greenwash or underperform. I got frustrated by what was out there so the items I have chosen are ones I felt were genuinely missing from the marketplace. Thank you for reading.


Kristine L. Hartman