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1120 Burlingame Avenue #101

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Oway is a organic, biodynamic Haircare and Skincare brand, founded in Bologna Italy. They grow and source ingredients that are organic and utilize biodynamic farming practices. Biodynamic farming is one of the most sustainable agricultural practices in modern day farming. Biodynamic farming means, no heavy machinery is used to till the soil and it produces no waste, everything that would typically deemed waste is recycled to other parts of the farm. Therefore biodynamic farming is is zero waste agricultural practice.

Oway Moisture Mask


Oway Frequent Use Conditioner

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Oway Water Resin


Oway Color Protection Hair Bath

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Oway Remedy Hand Balm

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Oway Frequent Use Bath


Oway Microstimulating Bath

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OWay Smoothing Conditioner


Oway Purifying Hair Bath-Oily Scalp

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OWay Curly Mask


OWay Color Protection Mask


Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath

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