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1120 Burlingame Avenue #101

Burlingame Ca, 94010

Organic Water Sanitizer


2 oz.  59 ml.

This is our water formulation , following the CDC guidelines this sanitizer is made from greater than 60% ethanol. This carefully crafted formulation includes skin soothing and bacterial fighting essential oils. This is a waterless hand sanitization method, when soap and running water is not available.


200 proof Ethanol (distilled from USDA organic corn),food and usp pharmaceutical grade Vegetable glycerin, food grade hydrogen peroxide(3%) Vitamin E, peppermint oil*, Thymol*,Eucalyptus Globulus*,Cinnamon Leaf oil*, Clary sage*,French Lavendar, Vetiver*,Geranium Rose*,Bergamot*

(*indicates an organic ingredient)

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