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Mini Mane Holiday Set

$56.00 $45.00

This is the ultimate duo, Mane Detangler is awesome on wet or dry tresses to detangle. The Mane Oil is amazing for an overnight moisture oil infusion for your mane. Up your moisture by spraying Detangler first on dry hair, then apply the Mane Oil where you are the most dry ( the ends usually) , lay a soft towel over your pillow, get your 8-9 hours and shampoo &condition in the am. Or! If you are blessed to have very thick , but dry hair you can use both pre blow-dry or air dry. Overnight Mane oil works best on all textures overnight but can absolutely be used on thicker, coarser textures in conjunction with the Mane Detangler pre blowout.

1 oz. Mane Detangler

1/2 oz. Overnight Mane Oil 

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